You’re Only Massive play Craw Festival @ 48 Stünden Neukölln

You’re Only Massive will play at the Craw Festival and 48 Stünden Neukölln on the 23rd of June

Concert details:

You’re Only Massive will play our first Berlin concert in over three years on the  at the Craw Festival, which is happening during the massive art festival, 48 Hours Neukölln.
Kultstätte KELLER
Karl-Marx-Straße 52
Which is near Rathaus Neukölln on the U7.

Click HERE for the map to the venue.

  Our friends in Princess 4Q, are an incredible audio visual pallette cleanser. They play at 1800, so check them out, drink a few shots, and get ready to dance to our new sound, our new guitarist and our new fog machine!!

You're Only Massive play the Craw Festival on the 23rd of June at 1900 48 Hours Neukölln 48 Stünden Neukölln


This gig, and the whole festival is free.

 In the spirit of returning to our DIY roots, we made this flyer to promote our slot:

You're Only Massive play the Craw Festival on the 23rd of June at 1900 48 Hours Neukölln 48 Stünden Neukölln

We will be spreading these around and forcing them on people at every bustop we pass!

Here is the website for the festival:
and the Facebook page:
This video has more information on 48 Hours Neukölln and all the fun stuff going on for the weekend:


May day March

20,000 people marched on Kottbusser Damm on Thursday, calling for an end to capitalism, exploitation and the rampant evictions happening in Berlin.

Here are some impressions we captured from our window:

Thin Ice


The thaw is wonderful, it is truely great to be back outside, the Landwehrkanal is still frozen on one side, and the swans are back out to play.


Check out our song Thin Ice, a perennial hit with those who experience winter in Berlin!


Tempelhof Panorama

If you have read this blog before, you will know that Tempelhofer Feld is one of our favourite places in Berlin, (click here for the last video shot we shot there).

Recently we were privelaged to go there with a friend from Cork City, and make a full sized panorama GIF.


This is a big file, so give it a minute to load:panorama


In other news, we are writing about a dozen new songs at the same time, plus looking for a new microphone for vocals.

See you soon!



Violent Vickie played in Kreuzberg.

Violent Vicky

Violent Vickie are an amazing synthpop/riot GRRl band from Oakland, California currently on tour through Europe.
Their influences are Bikini Kill and the Beach Boys, and their sound is frantic fast paced 4/4 electropop.
Perfect for dancing, perfect for crowd surfing!
They use multimedia elements in their live shows such as projections and stripper poles.

We went to see them in Kreuzberg on a stormy monday night.
Whether it was ionically charged atmosphere, or the innumerable support acts, by the time Violent Vickie took the stage, every person in the awkwardly shaped Waterloo venue was jammed to the front, craning to see.

Watch the whole gig here:

Their song “Drugs” talk directly to the audience,
and “Beauty Store” speaks out against the pressure to conform that oppresses us all.
But, it is in songs like “Money is Mine“, as band comes into dialogue with each other,
that the show begins to rocket.
Tension is released for the band, but not for the audience, who won’t let them go,
unlocking the rare quadruple encore achievement.

The Violent Vickie 2013 European Tour continues in to the UK this week:

1. August: Retro Bar, Manchester.
2. August: Bar 1:22, Huddersfield
3. August: The Dublin Castle, Camden, London
4. August: The Hope Pub, Brighton

Here is the Facebook, Bandcamp, and Website for Violent Vickie.


Ireland is going protest crazy at the moment, people are getting marching against everything from reproductive rights, to third world exploitation, to protecting our ethnic minorities.

I was very privileged to witness a march and rally by the Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes in Cork City which rallied people together to protest the governments highly unpopular new property and utility taxes. I also recorded some audio clips and footage of the action, which you can see below.

Watch the video, with headphones in HD mode is best, and go to for more information.