Dear Soldiers: Thank you for 2010

So many things happened in 2010, here are some pieces to the puzzle.

1. New Year’s Day: Trip to Sligo to work on the Audiodetour, released in July.

2. Off Plan, a New Version of the Orestia, written by Simon Doyle and directed by Rachel West / RAW Theatre, Project Arts Centre Dublin, February. Role of Cassandra: music & performance.

3. Ladyfest Munich: <3 to Munich and to all Ladyfesten.

4. Buddy Buddy The Musical. Coming in 2011. All images pre-production / rights reserved.

5. Disco-nnect at Heimatfestival in Potsdam:

6. Papergirl: Introducing a new version of Here Is Home for the trailer of Papergirl Berlin We also played a concert at the vernissage / opening party.

Trailer Papergirl #5 from CUTZ. on Vimeo.

7. Gleisdreieck Concert:

8. Sugar Shake Fan Video:

9.The Fourth Quarter Mixtapes:

Vol I
The Fourth Quarter by youreonlymassive

Vol II
The Fourth Quarter Vol II – “I’ll be right over” by youreonlymassive

10: Zum Schein Exhibition at Neurotitan im Haus Schwarzenberg, Mitte, Berlin.

11. The Open Door.
Footage: Concert in Berlin, 17.12.10 / Landing in Cork International Airport, 21.12.10

The Open Door from on Vimeo.

Thank you so much to all of our soldiers who gave us so much love and support in 2010. We can’t wait to sail into 2011 with you! If you haven’t already, you can sign up to our mailing list here and keep in touch.


Extra Crowdsurfing Shots from 2010!

Zum Schein Vernissage – Thank You

Thank you to everybody who came along to Neurotitan for the exhibition last night.

I don’t have a camera to take pictures, so let me describe it to you in three points:

Link to Neurotitan Gallery

1. 6pm. All the drawings are hung, after a busy day of trudging through the snow and banging nails into the wall. I can’t believe there are so many! I actually take some out of the frames and leave them out as the wall is so full. The whole gallery looks great and people start to arrive. Chrizzi’s drawings are so funny and the overall quality is really high.

2. Mary Ocher plays! At a vernissage, the band is often the background music and no-one really cares. But it is the nature of the Zum Schein exhibition that there are many musicians there and they all listen attentively to Mary. She is on top form and plays really well, with guitar coming through a tiny but very powerful amp and her voice clean. The life of every party, Ms. Hanin Elias has arrived. She suggests Mary call her act “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and dress her tiny amp up like a lamb, on rollers, something like this:

3. Coming home through the snow. There are not so many street lights in Berlin but every light was reflected a hundred times in the dark and it was bright enough to see everything. All day long the feeling has remained, that everyone is still in shock at the sudden onset of winter and the whiteness of the snow.

Link to Exhibition Blog

The best is that “Zum Schein” has just started. The exhibition is running until 8th January, and we plan to make a special sales day with Plätzchen before Christmas along with a finissage on January 8th.

Thank you to Chrizzi, Bob, Silky, Cherie, Vroni, DM, Markus, Gudrun, Jan, Jutta, Steffi, Juliane, Ludwig, Nora, Oska, Dennis, Jim, Mary, Friedrich, Gordon, Angie, Richard, Florian, Jens und Deacon!

Link to drawings

Everytime winter comes to Berlin I think that I must have forgotten the cold, I have never experienced it before. But I wrote this song in the middle of autumn in anticipation of the siege mentality of winter, so there must be some memory:

Thin Ice by youreonlymassive

On Monday 06.12.10 I announce all the details of our Record Release Party in Berlin on Saturday night (11.12.10).

Stay warm and well fed.