Midi Grrrl: Winter / Thin Ice / Recording a new song “Breeder”

The fact that it gets dark so early makes me feel jet lagged. After our last gig in Krakow, I picked up a cold that turned into a chest infection and spent a week in bed. The darkness has been quenching my energy. But there is also some sort of new patience. Everytime I make it out of the house is a triumph!

Click here to listen to the song Thin Ice. Sticking it to Lord Winter!

maebh-running-tempelhof berlin studio you're only massive

Running around Tempelhof

midi-grrrl vienna berlin winter art writing snow logo

Midi Grrrl

dave-yard berlin snow winter studio kreuzberg

snowman-tempelhof berlin winter december christmas music

Snowcave melting in Tempelhof

One thing I suddenly have increased patience for is cooking and making my apartment cosy.

tomato tarte vegan pie winter food recipe

Cherry Tomato Tarte

churchill quote winter christmas decoration berlin kreuzberg

Christmas Tree Decoration with Winston Churchill quote: I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.

The other is playing synth (I love tinkering with synth sounds but find it hard to do the necessary drills). Illness and ennui and this (seeming) constant darkness are forcing me to slow down. Is this hibernation? How on earth am I supposed to get through the next two months till spring?

New synth novation midi controller

Fresh out of the box!

Doepfer Dark Energy synth modular analogue

Doepfer Dark Energy

modular synth analogue schneiders buero berlin

trip to schneiders buero

modular synth analogue schneiders buero berlin kreuzberg

sweet analogue action! <3

For the first time in forever, after months of turds that will never see the light of day, an interesting song is happening - and I'm recording it. It even has a title - "Breeder". It's pro-choice, but it's personal. I've laid some tracks down (beat, synth, vocals) and the next step is to mix it and get it mastered.

Recording pre amp equipment gear audio interface ableton

Recording some audio.

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Your Midi Grrrl
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Hello from Vienna! I just walked in the door. Tonight I am taking part in a discussion, after the screening of the film “All Over Me”, which is part of the riot grrrl filmtage at the festival “this human world”. I am soooooo nervous! I also hope to meet up with Girls Rock Camp Austria and pick their brains about making girls rock camp happen in Ireland. Wish me luck and watch this space!
Love, midi grrrl





New Synth or Where can women* buy musical instruments without being treated as objects?

_new synth delivery berlin kreuzberg thomann

scroll down for english

Trotz sexistischer Werbung vom Juni –> http://raummaschine.de/blog/2012/06/12/dann-geh-ich-halt-schach-spielen/ –> habe ich was vom Musikhaus Thomann bestellt! Und zwar ein neuer Synthesizer! Und er ist heute angekommen! Fuer mich heisst eine Thomann Lieferung auch, eine Firma zu unterstützen, die ihre Sexismus nicht reflektiert oder erst erkennt, aber wo kann ich sonst Instrumente kaufen? In meiner Erfahrung, sind viele Musikläden leider oft mackerhaft und schliessen Musiker_innen oft aus. Wenn ihr ein Musikladen kennt, egal wo, der nicht so *istik ist, dann her mit den Name! Ich schlag als erstes Michi Hartmann vor: http://www.krassegitarren.de/

Eure Midi Grrrl ♥ ♥ ♥

Despite their sexist advertising from June of this year –> (German only) http://raummaschine.de/blog/2012/06/12/dann-geh-ich-halt-schach-spielen/ –> I placed a order with Thomann – for a new synth! And it arrived today! To buy from Thomann is to support a company that doesn’t even recognise it’s own sexism, but where else can I buy instruments? Unfortunately many musical instrument shops, in my experience, are so macho and often exclude female musicians. If you know a music shop that isn’t like this, no matter where in the world, then please tell me the name! My first suggestion is Michi Hartmann: http://www.krassegitarren.de/

Eure Midi Grrrl ♥ ♥ ♥

–> Bonus! Bonus! Photos from a street full of music shops in Istanbul. including Cindy Blackman on a poster for Istanbul Cymbals. I also tried a Moog Little Phatty out! <–

Cindy Blackman Istanbul Music Shop Drummer Schlagzeugerin Store Musik laden

Cymbals Shop Becken Music Musik Istanbul


Guitar Music Shop Gretsch Istanbul Midi Grrrl musician



Vigil for Savita and Protest at Ireland’s Abortion ban, Irish Embassy, Berlin

This evening, there was a vigil at the Irish Embassy in Berlin. About 60 people gathered, with candles and placards, to mourn the untimely and entirely preventable death of Savita Halappanavar.

I read out statements from Termination For Medical Reasons, Choice Ireland, a group of NUI Galway and University of Limerick academics and Fiona Hyde, editor of Siren Magazine. It was a really lovely group of people, lots of Irish, but not all. I was glad I had my passport as I ended up being legally responsible for the vigil / protest. The police officers asked me about the vigil and seemed shocked that even a miscarrying woman couldn’t have an abortion in Ireland. Quite a few people asked me when the next one is. They felt we should keep the pressure on, and shame the Irish government into legislating. So I guess we will start organizing that now.

♥ ♥ ♥, your Midi Grrrl.

Miscarriage Placard, Irish Embassy, Berlin, protest, Savita

A miscarriage should not equal a death sentence.

Savita, family, irish embassy, berlin

Family Bgarten at the vigil for Savita, Irish Embassy, Berlin.

Crowd gathering outside Irish Embassy, Berlin, for vigil

Crowd starts to gather as I “registered” the “kundgebung” with the police.

Candles have been laid for Savita at Irish Embassy, Berlin

Candles have been laid for Savita at Irish Embassy, Berlin

Protesters during speeches, irish embassy, berlin

Protesters during first speech, Irish embassy, berlin

Candles Irish Embassy, Berlin, savita, never again

Towards the end, people started to come forward and lay down candles in a very simple gesture of mourning.

U Bahn Home after Irish Embassy Protest Berlin Never Again Savita

Getting the U-Bahn home with Delphine. NEVER AGAIN!

Photo Credit: Midi Grrrl.