Listen to song sketches from upcoming Midi Grrrl EP

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the Midi Grrrl EP. It is so heartening to make a record, knowing that some people have already pre-ordered it. A huge thank you. Until the record is finished, here are a few short song sketches for you. Nothing close to full songs, and some of them won’t make it to the final cut, but it might give you an idea of how synth heavy this record is going to be!

xo midi grrrl

Booty (Buy Me Money) ✓ Song ✓ About ✓ Stream ✓ Lyrics ✓

Booty (Buy Me Money), also known as Booty is the first track on the record Dot Dash. It was recorded in Dublin and Waterford, Ireland, in April and May 2008.


Booty (Buy Me Money) is 2 minutes 11 seconds long. The song was originally sung and rapped live over an instrumental electro vinyl record. This dictated it’s structure, unusual for a pop song, with an opening and closing chorus bookending a long rap. The chorus lyrics were conceived by Maebh Murphy and Megan Nolan and the song articulates the frustration at pressures experienced by young women and young female musicians to present oneself as sexy. (source)


Maebh Murphy – production, lyrics, vocals.
David Murphy – production.
Megan Nolan – vocals, lyrics.
Amy Stephenson – backing vocals.

Live Performances

Booty is a staple of You’re Only Massive concerts, and, due to it’s relative brevity, is often performed as an opening or closing number.

Photos of Live Performances

You're Only Massive playing "Booty: Buy Me Money", Dublin, 2008.

You’re Only Massive playing “Booty: Buy Me Money”, Dublin, 2008.

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You’re Only Massive performing “Booty: Buy Me Money”,Potsdam, 2010.

You're Only Massive stagediving directly after a performance of "Booty: Buy Me Money" at Localize Das Heimatfestival, Potsdam, 2010.

You’re Only Massive stagediving directly after a performance of “Booty: Buy Me Money”, Potsdam, 2010.


Booty (Buy Me Money)

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You want to touch my booty!
You have to buy me money!
If you want to touch my booty!

Whose dick she sucking, who she fucking?
We number-crunching nut-busting ladies who be lunching.
Turn that bitch into meat like luncheon –
We function in a different way!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Bitch!
Wait up a minute before you all spin it.
The bitch should know there is no limit.
I’m the bitch to break it take it make it – your shit is finished!

Diminished what you thought you had,
Bitch it hurts hard.
You look good with his dick on your face –
Yeah and Rosa the back of the bus is the best place!

Y’all didn’t think I could bump like this,
Bump like this with all my hump.
Is that rock? That’s your dadddy!
That’s your daddy trying to get nasty!


You want to touch my booty!
You have to buy me money!
If you want to touch my booty!

Well well well, show and tell.

All of Dot Dash is available to stream, and buy in digital and vinyl format here.