You’re Only Massive play Craw Festival @ 48 Stünden Neukölln

You’re Only Massive will play at the Craw Festival and 48 Stünden Neukölln on the 23rd of June

Concert details:

You’re Only Massive will play our first Berlin concert in over three years on the  at the Craw Festival, which is happening during the massive art festival, 48 Hours Neukölln.
Kultstätte KELLER
Karl-Marx-Straße 52
Which is near Rathaus Neukölln on the U7.

Click HERE for the map to the venue.

  Our friends in Princess 4Q, are an incredible audio visual pallette cleanser. They play at 1800, so check them out, drink a few shots, and get ready to dance to our new sound, our new guitarist and our new fog machine!!

You're Only Massive play the Craw Festival on the 23rd of June at 1900 48 Hours Neukölln 48 Stünden Neukölln


This gig, and the whole festival is free.

 In the spirit of returning to our DIY roots, we made this flyer to promote our slot:

You're Only Massive play the Craw Festival on the 23rd of June at 1900 48 Hours Neukölln 48 Stünden Neukölln

We will be spreading these around and forcing them on people at every bustop we pass!

Here is the website for the festival:
and the Facebook page:
This video has more information on 48 Hours Neukölln and all the fun stuff going on for the weekend:


Breathe Official Music Video & Exciting News

Click here for -> lyrics

Here is our new music video for the song “Breathe”: I was eight weeks pregnant when I shot it, but didn’t know it yet. On a walk along the canal in Kreuzberg, I had talked about babies with my friend Cash and he casually told me he thought I was already pregnant but I didn’t think much of it. We shot the video D.I.Y. style, in front of a green screen and under hot lights. I kept blaming the hot lights for making me throw up between takes. I reminded myself what the song is about and took nice long breaks to catch my breath again. It took a long time to shoot but it was fun and worth it. After the shoot, Dave took his piled-up hair to visit Cash at the bar he works in. Cash’s words were ringing in my ears after the long day and I dug out a pregnancy test (now I know why they come in packs of two). Lo and behold, I was (am) pregnant!

Such happy and exciting news! However pregnancy is tough and demanding work, so it’s been fun doing the post production for this particular song and reminding myself over and over again and in all situations: breathe!

xoxo Maebh

Bonus Bump Pictures:





Midi Grrrl EP Record Release Party

It’s been a minute. We’ve been busy trying to keep our heads above water, but our new EP is finally on it’s way. It can be pre-ordered here.

Record Release Party is in Berlin on Thursday June 19th, at Schokoladen, which is one of the last few islands of alternative culture in the otherwise gentrified Mitte. Please join us for the concert and to celebrate.

Here are the details:

La Moustache present:
Double Record Release: You’re Only Massive + Jenn Kelly

—–> Facebook event.<——-

Thursday, 19th June at 7pm
Schokoladen, Ackerstr. 169-170, Berlin-Mitte 10115
U-Bahn: Rosenthaler Pl.
Tram: M8, 12
Tel: 030 / 2826527

We will post artwork and the tracklisting next week.

If you would like to write or blog about the record, please write a short email to maebh (at) and I will send you a link to the Electronic Press Kit.

Listen to song sketches from upcoming Midi Grrrl EP

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the Midi Grrrl EP. It is so heartening to make a record, knowing that some people have already pre-ordered it. A huge thank you. Until the record is finished, here are a few short song sketches for you. Nothing close to full songs, and some of them won’t make it to the final cut, but it might give you an idea of how synth heavy this record is going to be!

xo midi grrrl

Breeder – neue Single von You’re Only Massive anlässlich des internationalen Frauen*kampftages

english version
Abtreibung Irland, Savita Irland, Abtreibung, pro choice, reproduction rights, musik, berlin soli party, berlin music, berlin bands, berlin female artists, electro pop, synth pop, riot grrrl, berlin riot grrrl

Heute ist Internationaler Frauen*kampftag!

Das nehmen wir als Anlass um die neue Single von der kommenden Midi Grrrl EP zu veröffentlichen. Sie heißt Breeder und ist kostenlos zum runterladen. Die EP kann mensch auch hier bestellen.
Breeder, Song, Music, International Womens Day, Frauenkampftag, women in music, female artists berlin, midi grrrl, youre only massive

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Das Lied ist neu, mit Audioaufnahmen von den Pro-Choice Marschen in Ireland (danke an Paula Geraghty) sowie Moog Synth und Beats inspiriert von riot grrrl – und ja, es gibt keine Gitarren, die Rückkopplung kommt nur von den Synthies!

Hier kannst du “Breeder” runterladen.

Hier gibt es einen Midi Grrrl Blogeintrag über das Abtreibungs Verbot in Irland (auf Englisch).

Paper Dollhouse // Live Concert Video

Paper Dollhouse from London have played in Berlin twice now.
Ambient and spooky, their songs are played with lots of reverb and drones, transitioning from pallet-cleansing noise-outs to delicate folk ballads and then back again, as terrifying and inspiring as having a bucket of cold water poured on you in slow motion.
Here is a recording of them playing live at Madame Claudes:

Astrud and Nina buying records in Kreuzberg:
paper-dollhouse, berlin, space, hall, record store, vinyl, grrrll

Paperdollhouse setlist from Madame Claude's

Music Video Premiere: Magic Wand by Amy Fox // ++ Buy “So Brand New” Picture Disc

Amy Fox, Berlin, Music, Live, Acoustic, Guitar, queen Kong, you're only massive, dot, dash, dot dash, london, cork, live music, local musicMagic Wand

We are very proud to announce the premiere of Amy Fox’s music video “Magic Wand” right here and today!

Magic Wand was shot in Tempelhofer Feld, a former airport field in Berlin, earlier this year. The video captures a stripped-down live performance, showcasing Amy’s guitar playing, powerful singing voice and touching and evocative songwriting. Watch it here and make sure you click on HD to watch it in optimal quality!

Music Video Premiere: Magic Wand by Amy Fox from Amy Fox on Vimeo.

Subscribe to Amy’s newsletter to receive a free download of the mp3 audio of “Magic Wand”.

So Brand New

“So Brand New” is finally on sale online. Featuring Amy Stephenson both on the disc itself and on the microphone, a limited edition of this vinyl picture disc single with mp3 download is available for 12 euros including shipping costs.

Listen here:

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Picture Disc: Queen Kong, So Brand New, picture disc, vinyl, Maebh, Berlin, Cork, Ireland, electro, pop, synth, vocals, grrrl

Purchase here: